Benchmark international event for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors

Ecomondo - The green technology expo

Comprehensive showcase of technology, integrated solutions and services to guide the energy transition to a carbon-neutral economy

K.EY - The Energy Transition Expo

The International Exhibition of Technologies and Supplies for Surfaces


The Digital Green Weeks are two digital meetings, one in May and one in September, aimed at the national and international communities of the events that make up the GreenTech Insights community. GTI is the digital hub that brings together in a single place all the green & technology shows organised by Italian Exhibition Group with the aim of offering digital content during and even beyond the exhibition period. It includes: Ecomondo - The Green Technology Expo, K.EY - The Energy Transition Expo, Tecna – the International Exhibition of Technologies and Supplies for Surfaces, IBE - Intermobility and Bus Expo and DPE - Distributed Power Europe.

The two days in September are part of a comprehensive road map that aims to keep the communities of the various events connected in order to foster opportunities for discussion and exchange with the aim of renewing its commitment as a leader in the industry.

We will of course talk about the ecological and energy transition, but also about the world of surfaces and much more.  Many of the GreenTech Insights shows will bring to their target audience innovative solutions and technologies for the sectors they represent. Digital Green Weeks are a time to take stock of a sector, present a product, discuss market research or a report, create panel discussions and opportunities for discussion with an increasingly interconnected audience.

Fully digital

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The event is fully digital so you can take part from wherever you want, wherever you are in the world.

The Digital Green Weeks are an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, but first and foremost an important networking opportunity.

There are many interesting speeches, with leading institutions and exhibitors in the ecological and energy transition taking the floor.



We will be talking about Ecological Transition and Green Economy with Ecomondo, Energy Transition and Renewables with K.EY - The Energy Transition Expo and Technologies and Supplies for Surfaces with TECNA: take part in two completely free training days.



The events involved in this Digital Green Week

Road map

Circular Economy and Energy Transition: the road to decarbonisation  

We will see you for the second Digital Green Week on our digital hub on 26-27 September.

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